cinnamon 1 - Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil

Cinnamon Essential Oil is extracted through the steam distillation of the cinnamon bark. It has a calming and a sweet aroma that instantly soothes your mind and the soul. This reddish-brownish oil is derived from the bark of the cinnamon shrub.

Therapeutic Properties of Cinnamon Essential Oil
1. Antibacterial
2. Astringent
3. Antiseptic
4. Immunostimulant
5. Detoxifying Agent
6. Carminative
7. Analgesic
8. Antifungal
9. Antidepressant
10. Galactagogue
Health Benefits
11. Boosts Brain Function
12. Improves Blood Circulation
13. Anti-Inflammatory
14. Antioxidant
15. Respiratory Problems
16. Heart Diseases
17. Diabetes
18. Mouth Freshener
19. Indigestion
20. Pain Relief
21. Arthritis
22. Toothache
23. Irregular Menstruation
24. Birth Control
25. Regularizes Urine Discharge
26. Increases Sexual Desire
27. Emotional And Spiritual Benefits
28. Helps In Weight Loss
29. Reduces Ulcers
30. Fights Parasite Development
31. Soothes Sore Throat
32. Treats Headaches
33. Effective Functioning Of Kidneys
Hair Benefits
34. Promotes Hair Growth
35. Reduces Hair Problems
Skin Benefits
36. Heals Skin
37. For Fuller Lips
Miscellaneous Benefits
38. As An Insect Repellent
39. Works As A Home Deodorizer
40. Used In Perfumes

Cinnamon Essential Oil Therapeutic Properties

1. Antibacterial—This particular property makes cinnamon essential oil a key ingredient in aromatherapy to get rid of airborne bacterias
2. Astringent—Topical application of this oil helps in tightening of the skin
3. Antiseptic—The antiseptic property of cinnamon not only cures wounds but also prevents fatal septics
4. Immunostimulant—Helps in enhancing the immune system
5. Detoxifying Agent—Cinnamon essential oil is full of volatile compounds that help in detoxifying the body
6. Carminative—Helps eases bloating by helping the passage of intestinal gas
7. Analgesic—This essential oil helps in relieving pain
8. Antifungal—Cinnamon essential oil is known to be a powerful anti-fungal agent
9. Antidepressant—The calming property of cinnamon essential oil can remove negative thoughts thereby killing depression
10. Galactagogue—It even enhances the production of breast milk in new mothers

Health Benefits Of Cinnamon Essential Oil

Boosts Brain Function
Cinnamon essential oil is an excellent brain tonic. It not only improves brain function and increases brain activity, but also helps you combat stress, anxiety and memory loss.
Improves Blood Circulation
Cinnamon helps improve blood circulation. Cinnamon contains blood thinning compounds that enhance blood circulation. Better blood circulation means lesser pain and more oxygenation.
Cinnamon is a potent anti-inflammatory agent, and it helps reduce the stiffness of muscles and joints.
Cinnamon essential oil exhibits potent antioxidant properties. These properties make it an ideal remedy for acne.

 Respiratory Problems
Cinnamon essential oil is an excellent decongestant; it helps alleviate symptoms of cold, influenza, sore throat and congestion.

Mouth Freshener
Cinnamon essential oil features in chewing gums and other mouth freshener products. It helps promote tooth health and reduces bad breath
As an effective carminative, cinnamon extract oil or cinnamon essential oil helps reduce gas from the stomach and intestines.
Pain Relief
This essential oil plays a key role in alleviating pains including muscle pulls, aches or even stiffness of the joints
The presence of high amount of eugenol makes cinnamon leaf essential oil to work wonders against a toothache and gum troubles. This makes it a good substitute for clove essential oil

 Irregular Menstruation
Did you know that the sweet smelling cinnamon essential works wonders for menstrual problems? It helps in soothing the cramps that are evident during these days and also makes way for regular menses
Soothes Sore Throat
Inhalation of this oil helps in clearing mucus filled nasal passage and curbs mucus buildup too. Also, when had with warm lemon water and honey, cinnamon essential oil helps in soothing the inflammation and alleviating pain, thus soothing sore throats
Treats Headaches
Diffusing of cinnamon essential oil in the room or even a few drops on the pillow helps relieve headaches. This is due to the presence of volatile compounds in this essential oil that helps in proper blood circulation