Our Mission

Our mission is to have many happy and healthy homes with no potentially toxic chemicals lurking around on the surfaces of the home. Our products with naturally derived ingredients can keep your homes, family and furry friends safe.


Eco Friendly | Non-toxic | Biodegradable | Phosphate-free | Borax-free | Chlorine-free

Proudly made in South Africa.

Eco Solutions is a Public Benefit Corporation which means that we are both profit-maximizing and benefit-maximizing. We include social and environmental benefit in our charter and are using our business for good.


Eco-friendly means earth-friendly or not harmful to the environment. Eco-friendly products contribute to green living or practices that help conserve resources like water and energy. These products also prevent contributions to air, water and land pollution.


The ingredients in our products are non-toxic. This means that the suds washing down the drain won’t be harmful to the environment, and the residue left on your dishes won’t hurt you. Toxic waste poisons the groundwater or makes nearby animals sick. Nontoxic waste tends to break down without any negative consequences.


Our products break down into natural materials in the environment..A substance which biodegrades into carbon dioxide, water, and other naturally occurring minerals, then seamlessly mixes back into the earth, leaving no toxins behind.


Phosphates are inorganic compounds containing phosphorous. Often used as water softeners in detergents, phosphates are a major source of water pollution. They remain in wastewater and eventually make their way to a natural body of water, causing nutrient pollution.


Borax, also known as sodium borate, sodium tetraborate, or disodium tetraborate. Powdered borax is white, consisting of soft colorless crystals that dissolve in water.


Chlorine in its pure form causes environmental harm at low levels. Chlorine is especially harmful to organisms living in water and soil.

how we make our products

We are transparent about the ingredients in our products and the processes used to make them.


All our products are 100% handmade. Moulded, mixed and rolled entirely by hand to ensure absolutely unique products.


-our products are unique

-we provide employment to a group of previously disadvantaged women

-our production process results in a significant decrease of our carbon footprint. No machinery is used

Further Benefits to Society

We have secured various non-profit institutions (who rely on fees, donations and fund raising) as sales partners to help us in our mission to maximise profits.